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If you do not have paypal, you can purchase minecraft server with EURO Paysafe Card as well. NOTE: We only accept paysafe cards !


10 € PSC = 10 € PRO-XEN CREDIT | 25 € PSC = 25 € PRO-XEN CREDIT |50 € PSC = 50 € PRO-XEN CREDIT

Once your PSC PIN is redeemed from our side, we will add you the PRO-XEN Credits to your account (PRO-XEN Client Area).

You can then purchase any service that we offer and pay for them with PRO-XEN Credit.

How to buy PRO-XEN credits with Paysafe CARD?

1. Register in our billing area at

2. Open a ticket via link

3. Fill out the required details, write the PSC PIN in “Message” section and do not forget to select PSC amount.

4. After you input all of the required fields, click on “Sumbit” and wait for our response. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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